Friday, February 13, 2009

Random personal tidbits...

First. I just got a new Blackberry, and I love it! I think the lesson for me is that I am not a super early adapter (the last few phones i have gotten have been 'the latest thing' and I've been unhappy with them). When it comes to technology, give me the thing that's been out for a couple of years, has got all its kinks worked out, and the best version has risen to the top. Like the blackberry. :) Oh, if any blackberry user out there has advice for me on how to get the most out of it, I'd love to hear it.

Second. The family and I are going to Phoenix to spend the week (two Sundays!) with my folks. This will be the first (and second) Sundays I've had off (not counting the Sundays spent in the hospital) since we planted CPCP August of 2006.

Third. A friend of mine just had a baby and these are the cutest pictures ever!

Fourth. I need a new XBox 360 game to play when I get home. Any suggestions?


  1. John and I love playing Fable and now Fable II
    It's a first person role playing game with moral consequences. You can be a good hero, a bad hero, or an in between hero :) Plus you quest and use magic and stuff. Anyway, that's my favorite.

  2. Jennifer also loves Puzzle quest, and you can borrow Kameo if you like.


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