Thursday, January 1, 2009

Appologizing is not listening...

Something I have been thinking about in the latter part of this last year has been that we who are a part of the conversation about the church that is emerging need to stop apologizing, looking over our shoulders at those we are leaving behind, and propping up defenses for arguments we think are coming (and it seems I wasn't alone in my thoughts, see:

So in 2009 lets all just commit to get on with the work of doing theology, preaching the Gospel in a holistic way and leading communities with real community and stop worrying about what Mark, Dan, Erwin (or whoever our personal ghosts are) might say if they heard us, which they probably won't anyway.

Personally, I have been covicted lately that I have been cowardly form the pulpit on many ocasions. I have found ways to avoid talking about things in new ways for fear of people who are more comfortable with old models. Which is a tragedy since most of the folks in my church are there becaue they are not happy with the old models anyway! So no more, I say, 2009 will see (I hope) a bolder more coragaous and more authentic Jason Mack at the pulpit (which is actually just a stool on a rug).

At the same time I beleive strongly in listening to people that disagree with me. But I mean really listening. I want to have real conversations with reasonable (and I mean reasonable) conservatives on why Penal Sibsitution is the only model for the atonement, and why that matters, and I want to have real conversations with reasonable liberals about why Jesus didn't have a bodily resurection, and why that doesn't matter. And I want to have good long conversations with people that think Jesus is but one of many ways to God, no better or worse then any other.

But what I dont want is to keep editing myself, or to keep hearing others edit themselves, out of fear of some made up person thats gunna come and take our microphones away (i dont really have a mic., I mean there's only 20 people in my church, so why would i need one, but you get the image, I'm sure). And I don't want to icolate myself so that the only voices I hear are ones that already agree with me.

God, in 2009, please give me the courage to speak the thoughts you put into my head, and the right people in my life to correct me about the ones you don't.

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