Sunday, December 14, 2008

PoMo quote

This is an awesome quote about post modernity from a Catholic Cardinal (I think) named Martini (though I got it off of Marin E. Marty's publication, "Context" -- love it, btw).

After spelling out the perceived dangers and concerns about postmodern culture and the church he continues with this, enjoy:

I do not wish to say all of this is completely false. What I am saying is that this mentality is everywhere, especially where there are young people, and it needs to be taken into account. And I say something more. Perhaps this situation is better then the one that existed previously. Christianity has an opportunity to show better its character of challenge, of objectivity, of realism, of the exercise of true freedom, of a religion linked to the life of the body and not only of the mind. In a world such as we live today, the mystery of an unavailable and always surprising God acquires greater beauty; faith understood as risk becomes more attractive; a tragic view of existence is strengthened with happy consequences in contrast to a purely evolutionary vision. Christianity appears more beautiful, closer to people, and yet more true. The mystery of the trinity appears as the source of meaning for life and an aid to understanding the mystery of human existence."


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